Agile Leadership in a Nutshell - Online Training

This training is designed to help you evolve your leadership and to take the next step in the evolution to become an Agile Transformational leader. Buckle up and get prepared for 4 hours of fun learning!

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Core Content Areas of this Training

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The Leadership Shift

Watch great videos and reflect over leadership behaviours and how growing people will grow the business result. Learn about the leadership shift model and how it connects leadership and management.

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Leadership and Stress

Learn about how stress impact our ability to solve problems and make smart decisions. Get tools to facilitate discussions and make better decisions under stress.

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Become an Agile Leader

Agile Leadership is about the behaviour we have as leaders. Get tips on how to shift the management structures to allow your Agile leadership to grow.

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How the Training Looks and Works

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Visual & Fun 

All content and exercises are visual, fun and always to the point. No endless, boring lectures or slides!

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Agile Toolbox

You will learn to use great Agile tools in your own context building up your very own Agile toolbox through the exercises and great downloads. 

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Accessible 24/7 

All content is available to you anytime you want, on mobile and desktop, and can easily be digested in small nuggets.

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Said About this Training

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Very insightful, and given me plenty to think about. My leaders better watch out next week ;-)

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Highly engaging, good teaching, content and mix of media (writing, pictures, video). Nice chunking of topics. Like the flow from one module to the next and the words of encouragement - “keep going”.

Love this, and can see how this would really help in coaching conversations with leaders. I already have plans for this next week! 

For Whom and What You will Get

Who should take this training?

The training is designed to help you evolve your leadership as a Manager and to take the next step in the evolution to become an Agile leader, but anyone who wants to act as a leader will benefit from this training.

Executives, Managers, Employees, Associates in all functions across the organization, everyone who belongs to a team, and you who also support teams, in an Agile organization.

What you will learn

You will get an introduction to Agile leadership, as well as a deep understanding of the connection between leadership practices and business results. You will reflect on your own leadership style and get tools to start practicing Agile transformational leadership today as well as starting up your own Agile leadership team


Get access to this:

  • 8 Videos
  • 3 Workshops and Exercises
  • 8 Infographic Posters and Models
  • 15 Articles

Lots of content that you can download and use in your own context.

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Full Training Content


  • Agile Leadership Introduction - Video
  • Agile Transformational Leadership in a Nutshell  - Infographic Poster

The Leadership Shift

  • We are too slow - Article
  • The Leadership Shift Model Article
  • The Leadership Shift Model explained - Video
  • Download the Leadership Shift Model - Visualization of the model

Destructive Leadership

  • Destructive Leadership Overview - Article
  • Example of Passive Destructive Leadership - Video and reflection
  • Example of Active Destructive Leadership - Video and reflection

Conventional Leadership - Downside

  • Conventional Leadership Overview - Article
  • Example of Carrot & Stick & Control Focus - Video and reflection
  • Carrot & Stick & Control Focus - Article

Conventional Leadership - Upside

  • Example of Agreement & Necessary Actions - Video and reflection
  • Agreements & Necessary Actions - Article

Agile Leadership

  • Transformational Leadership in an Agile Context - Article
  • Example Transformational Leadership - Video and reflection
  • Inspiration and Motivation - Article
  • Role Model - Article
  • Compassion and Caring - Article
  • Example of Transformational Leadership Confrontation - Video and reflection

Agile Leadership and Stress

  • The cause of stress - Stressors - Article
  • The Stress Cone - Article
  • Stress in a Nutshell - Infographic Poster
  • Stress and leadership - Article
  • How to Manage Stress - Article
  • 8 step Decision-Making Process under Stress - Checklist

Become an Agile Leader

  • Try this - Article
  • The Agile Leadership Guide - Visual Guide

Wrap up

  • Congratulations!
  • Check you Learnings & Take Action
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