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Are you also in need of high quality Agile training content for your organization? Now, and not in a year? Then we are on the same page.

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All businesses are different. That's why we'd love to listen to your needs and present our solution. An offer will be based on the size of groups who will have access and we prefer to set group licenses instead of individual to make administration super easy and flexible. We love simple and smart solutions that build bridges between people and groups.

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Our Agile Experts

All learning content is created by Dandy People. We are experts within Agile as well as developing exceptional learning experiences that empowers people and create useful and beautiful content.

Mia Kolmodin

Enterprise Agile Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker.
PM, PO, Lean UX, Lean Startup, Innovation, Leadership and Organization Design.

Björn Sandberg

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organizational and Leadership Development, Agile HR, Trainer, Speaker

Kari Kelly

Enterprise Agile Coach, Organizational Transformation Leader, Behavior Science Expert

Easy access to high quality content

We offer our digital learning content to customers all over the world. 

We take pride in delivering world-class Agile training and coaching content to organizations that want to enable Agility within teams and across the organization. Our experts work together to always make sure it is not only correct, but also to the point, practical and useful, beautiful, engaging, and fun. Our expertise in Agile teams, leadership, product development and how to transform from a traditional organization where also Agile HR and Agile finance and budgeting are important factor to really achieve Business Agility.  Our digital learning content in all areas grows every day based on the work we do as Agile coaches to support our customers. This is the knowledge and content we put into these online trainings and toolboxes.

Speed of Access to Professional Content

Our customers often value the speed and professionalism we offer when it comes to getting access to the trainings and the short lead time it gives to starting to use them in the organization. We know how important it is to get this in place quickly to support Digital- and Agile Transformations, not just within one business area or function, but often across the organization.

Pre-Designed Learning Journeys

Our Agile experts and learning designers (Agile Coaches) have built learning journeys as a suggestion for the most common needs that are tested and tweaked to make sure they engage and deliver learning and action. These learning journeys are offered as "trainings and toolboxes".

Modern Digital Learning Platform

We can deliver the content of your choice on this learning platform for fast and easy access for all your employees, or parts of them. Or we can support you in moving it into your own learning platform. 

Trainings that are also toolboxes

Our content is designed to also support new behaviors and have very high quality tools embedded in them to support people to try out new methods and facilitate activities with their teams, peer and coach. 

Facilitated learning sessions to boost the impact

To kick start the use of our content we often support our customers to create a plan for activation. It can look in many different ways but may contain facilitated learning sessions in different formats based on the content, sessions to ask questions and share learnings and pure facilitated IRL or Online training sessions based on the content for perhaps leadership teams, in product management or team development and Agila ways of working.


How the Content Looks and Works

Visual & Fun 

All content and exercises are visual, fun and always to the point. No endless, boring lectures or slides!

Agile Toolbox

You will learn to use great Agile tools in your own context building up your very own Agile toolbox through the exercises and great downloads. 

Accessible 24/7

All content is available to you anytime you want, on mobile and desktop, and can easily be digested in small nuggets.

Content for Best Learning Experience that Sticks - and that can deliver real results

We continuously develop new online learning content to the platform that our customers can choose to add to their portfolio and offer to their employees.

Infographic Posters

Dandy People develop perhaps the world's most known Agile Infographics that are widely used and shared across the globe to support Agile transformations without getting stuck in a framework. These trainings are built around the posters, and new posters have been created to support the learning journeys.

Professional Short Videos

Our learning journeys contain many short videos with animation, graphics, and professional speakers who also have created the storyline as well as the training content to take full responsibility for the learning experience. All learning journeys start with a video that acts as a burning platform for that specific training.

Games and Experienced-Based Learning

We know that experience-based learning is great to make learning stick, your believe what you see and have experienced yourself. This is why we have created unique Agile games that are easily facilitated by the participants themselves and can print and used between colleagues. It can also be facilitated in groups to move a whole team or department forward.

Canvases, Workshops, and Checklists

To support contextualized learnings and real action we have created easy to use canvases, workshop descriptions and checklists that can be downloaded, printed, re-used and built upon.


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