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This training gives you an introduction to Agile by exploring the mindset, principles, practices and foundations of Agile getting you ready to handle complexity and high speed environments. Buckle up and get prepared for 4 hours of fun learning!

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How the Training Looks and Works

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Visual & Fun 

All content and exercises are visual, fun and always to the point. No endless, boring lectures or slides!

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Agile Toolbox

You will learn to use great Agile tools in your own context building up your very own Agile toolbox through the exercises and great downloads. 

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Accessible 24/7 

All content is available to you anytime you want, on mobile and desktop, and can easily be digested in small nuggets.

Core Content Areas of this Training

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Agile Concepts

Get an understanding about Agile concepts such as Modern Agile, the Agile Onion, Flow, Small Batches, Pull and Push and why we work Agile with the help of Cynefin, and the value it brings to the organization.

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Agile Team

Learn about what a team really is, why stable teams increase speed and value, the value teams can bring to an organization. You will also get an overview of some common practices for Agile teams.

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Real Business Cases

Put yourself on the finishing line of large transformations from traditional ways of working and structures to Agile through 3 real business cases and get a couple of words of wisdom from one of the leaders involved.

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For Whom and What You will Get

Who should take this training?

Anyone interested in understanding Agility and Agile ways of working from a holistic perspective, as well as the benefits for individuals and for the business.

Executives, Managers, Employees, Associates. In “old” and large companies as well as smaller companies and “start-ups”.

What you will learn

An understanding of what Agility is, when it valuable to work Agile, what benefits other organizations have gotten from changing to an Agile organization with Agile ways of working and leading.

How Agile teams work, the most common Agile ways of working and what type of leadership is needed to manage in a fast-paced Agile organization. You should be on your way to start working Agile!

Get access to this:

  • 12 Exclusive Videos
  • 4 Exercises and Games
  • 4 Infographic Posters & Models
  • 4 Real Business Cases
  • 14 Articles

Lots of content that you can download and use in your own context.

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Full Training Content


  • Agile is for everyone – Video
  • Agile in a Nutshell – Poster

Agile Concepts

  • The Agile Mindset – Article
  • Modern Agile – Video
  • What does Modern Agile mean to you – Print out Worksheet
  • Small Batches and Flow – Video
  • Short Feedback Loops – Game
  • Push vs Pull – Article
  • Lean & Agile Principles – Article
  • Check your Learnings – Follow up Questions


  • Understand Complexity with Cynefin the Sense-Making Framework – Video
  • Obvious – Video
  • Complicated – Video
  • Complex – Video
  • Chaos – Video
  • Disorder – Video
  • Reflection using the Cynefin Framework – Exercise
  • Check your Learnings – Follow up Questions

The Business Case for Agility

  • Interview: Erik Schön, Managing Director – Video
  • Ericsson – Article
  • GE Healthcare – Article
  • Avanza Bank – Article
  • The Stairway to Business Agility – Poster and Article
  • Patterns for Successful Agile Organizations – Article and Poster
  • Key Takeaways – Question, and Answers

Agile Teams

  • Introduction to Agile Teams – Video
  • Agile Teams in a Nutshell – Infographic Poster
  • What is a Team? – Article
  • Types of Agile Teams – Article
  • High Performing Agile Teams – Article
  • Research: The Power of Teams – Article
  • ROI on Agile Teams – Article

Agile Ways of Working

  • Interview: Robin Elmersson, Developer – Video
  • Terminology Quiz
  • Check your Learnings – Follow up Questions

Agile Leadership

  • Introduction to Agile Leadership – Article

Are you ready to become Agile?

  • Check your learnings – Follow up Questions
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