Dandy People Agile Power-Up

(ICP Certified Professional - Agile Fundamentals, 10-week program)

This online training is for you who want to get started on, or already are on an Agile journey and want hands-on experience and achieve real results.

  • New date coming up for 2023
  • 10 weeks of learning
  • Experience-based learning
  • Get the ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certification (upon completion)
  • Experienced Agile Coaches from Dandy People as your trainers and facilitators

Limited Seats - Only 20 People Per Class

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How does it work?

  • A 2-h interactive workshop every Tuesday 3-5 PM CET. 
  • 2-4h self-study needed every week. The self-study content and assignments can be done at your convenience on desktop or mobile.
  • 5 different learning sprints during the 10 weeks
  • Ending with the last session which includes a group activity needed to receive the certification.

Why you should join this Agile Program?

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Visual & Fun 

All content and exercises are visual, fun and always to the point. No endless, boring lectures or slides!

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Facilitated Workshops

Dedicated online coaching sessions and facilitated workshops are all part of the training curriculum.

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Agile Toolbox

You will learn to use great Agile tools in your own context building up your very own Agile toolbox through the exercises and great downloads. 


Demystifying Agile

In this training program created by Dandy People, you will get access to high-quality videos, infographics, games, theory, practical templates, business cases, and more.

All designed in a way to gently lead you through the training starting with a burning platform, and step by step building your understanding and new capabilities.

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Community & Learning Buddies

Get access to our digital Community , buddy up with other participants to solve problems together, and share your thoughts in online coaching sessions.

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Experienced Agile Coaches

This exclusive program is created and facilitated by experienced Agile coaches and trainers with many years of hands-on experience.

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Accessible 24/7 

The self-studying content is available to you anytime you want, on mobile and desktop, and can easily be digested in small nuggets.

What Former Students Say


Interview with Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall is a Management Consultant in the UK and a previous participant of the Agile Power-Up Program. 

This interview is in English.

Participants from Class in September - October 2020

"Thanks to this program contents and visuals, I aligned and completed all my agile knowledge. You put my head in order and completed a few pieces. Amazing program!"

"This course is amazing! I recommended you do it for yourself and your company. This course will change your mindset in a good way."


Pia Liljenroth, Manager SED applications at Epiroc

"This program gives you both a broad and deep knowledge of Agile. It is really inspiring and the material in it is outstanding!"

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Charlie Ellery, UK, Operations Project Manager at The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company Ltd

"A really well-rounded course that dives into Agile as a mindset, as well as a methodology, at an organizational level. Dandy Team are definitely wonderful advocates for Agile!" 

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The Weekly Journey

week 1

Learning Sprint 1

We start by understanding the basics of Agile ways of working and some key principles and concepts. You reflect on the difference from your current way of working and the value this might bring you. You will also get your own Study Buddy.

week 2

Learning Sprint 2

We dig into the why, and when you need to work Agile. We take a look at some business cases to see how an organization can transform and become Agile. You create an understanding of what business problem you can solve for yours.

week 3

Learning Sprint 3

To create a high-performing organization we need to start with the team. We learn about what a team really is, how to start one, and what T-shape means. You facilitate the start or re-start of your own Agile team.

week 4

Learning Sprint 4

We learn how to support the team to become high-performing and how to foster a growth mindset. We also take a look into transformational leadership and the impact it has on business growth, dig into the learning organization and the Buddy System and we learn how to do a Design Thinking workshop as a team.

week 5

Learning Sprint 5

We learn about what phases an Agile transformation usually goes through, and how some core management practices can be adjusted to support Business Agility. You take a look at where to start the transformation journey in your organization, or what the next steps could be. We share our learnings from the program and what experiments we can do.

Agile Power-Up Program

Top Features

  • 4-6 h of study and work for you as a student per week during 10 weeks
  • Facilitated by several experienced Agile Coaches.
  • Coaching sessions and live workshops online.
  • Break-out sessions in smaller groups.
  • Hands-on experience in your context. 
  • A toolbox that you can re-use.
  • Access to the training and materials for a full year.
  • Network with others in the program.
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Weekly Agenda

  • TUESDAYS: 2h online interactive workshop session. 3-5 PM CET (15:00 - 17:00)
  • Bi-weekly we release new self-study contention the learning platform.
  • Self-study content and assignments can be done at your convenience on desktop or mobile.


Course Outline & Objectives 

LS 1 

Focus of Learning Sprint 1: Agile Basics

Self Study

  • Agile Concepts
  • Team Basics
  • Ways of Working
  • Rules & Events
  • Empirical Process Approach


  • Try out the Modern Agile exercise in your own context 
  • Answer online: What are the differences between the way of working in your current organization and Agile Way of Working 
  • Online tests on the self-study content


  1. Introduction to program, team principles
  2. Agile Ways of Working Game - We will learn about Agile ways of working by playing an online board game together in small groups.

LS 2

Focus: Business Case for Agile

Self Study

  • The Cynefin Sense-Making Framework
  • Patterns
  • Business Cases
  • Value-Based Agile Product Ownership


  1. Applying Cynefin to our everyday work.
  2. Product ownership (US mapping & slicing)


  • What is the value for me and for my business, using the  “Why Agile Canvas”
  • Online tests on the self-study content
  • Answer online:  What Business Problem could Agile solve for my organization using the  “Why Agile Canvas”


LS 3

Focus: Agile Teams

Self Study

  • What is a Team
  • Team Maturity
  • Team Canvas
  • Improvement
  • T-shaping
  • Team Seating
  • Spotify Seating Inspiration
  • Retrospective

Assignment - Pick one or more

  • Team Canvas
  • Agile Team Assessment
  • T-shape Game
  • Retrospective
  • Online tests on the self-study content
  • Sketch and design the optimal Team seating
  • Answer online: What are the benefits of the team seating?


  1. Team Canvas - Start up of a new Agile team
  2. Retrospective and Lean coffee

LS 4

Focus: Leadership for Agile & Growth

Self Study

  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Leadership shift
  • Theory X and Y 
  • Leadership for Agility 


  1. Culture follows structure.
    Visualize how structures enable - or hinder -  business growth in combination with different leadership styles.
  2. Leadership shift


  • Update your learning journey canvas
  • Map X and Y processes to your context
  • Online tests



LS 5

Focus: Learning Organization and Agile Transformation

Self Study

  • Learning Organization 
  • Buddy System
  • Agile Transformation Ladder
  • Agile Management - Try this
  • Beyond Budgeting
  • 9-Dimensions Model


  1. 9-dimension of Change
    We will work in groups using the 9-Dimensions Model to learn about where we are as an organization, where we would like to be, what is holding us back and what can help us move forward.
  2. Gran Finale


  • Update your learning journey canvas
  • Online tests


Additional coaching

  • 30 min of individual coaching is included in the program. 
  • You book your time-slot with one of the trainers that suits you.
  • Possible to buy more coaching time if you would like.
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What Former Students Say


Interview with Ulrika Ekbohm

Ulrika Ekbohm är HR-chef på Svenska Spel och gick Power-Up-Programmet våren 2020. Hör mer om hennes erfarenheter i videon.

This interview is in Swedish.

Thomas AC Kofoed, DK, Professional Agile Coach & Scrum Master

"Big shout out to Dandy People and their Agile Power-Up Program! We worked with topics like Agile principles, Flow, feedback loops, Agile teams, Business Agility, Cynefin, conflict resolution, you name it.
I have been to several classes, certifications during my 10 years in this community and I can strongly recommend this one👌

4 weeks of intensive agile training ! 4 top of the class Agile coaches! Whats not to like :-) Practical exercises, online games, and self-study. This program is so much more valuble than many other 2 days courses.

Dandy People! Sign me up for next round."


Matthew Hall, UK, Interim Manager

"I would strongly recommend Dandy People’s Agile Power-Up Program to anyone who wants to learn more about how an Agile mindset can improve the ways you do business.

Dandy People’s team of high-energy, friendly, and experienced coaches and trainers, led by founder Mia Kolmodin, is ready throughout the course to answer questions, share experience and offer practical support to help participants build an Agile Toolbox.

After the course, participants are encouraged to stay in touch and currently have free access to the on-line library of support material, a very deep and insightful resource.



Jesper Ingvardtsen, DK
Senior ScrumMaster at SimCorp

"Without doubt the best Agile program I’ve ever attended. 4 weeks of intensive Agile training with fellow Agilists - both new and more experienced.

Brilliant combination of theory and practical exercises conducted as selfstudy, homework and online sessions, facilitated by highly skilled Agile coaches. Definitely exceeding my expectations and worth the investment.

With this program Dandy People has created a format that has unlimited potential. I will gladly attend a future part two of this program."

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Åsa Gugolz, Technical product manager, SE

"The straightforward and not to long videos and texts in the training material along with the positive energy in the visuals makes it really easy to assimilate the information. 

An extra bonus is that the material is available for a long time afterwards. I was positively surprised of how much I enjoyed the coaching-sessions and the workshops where I really came to appreciate the discussions with my classmates and coaches."

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Ulrika Ekbohm, HR-chef på Svenska Spel, SE

"Konkreta roliga övningar, generösa ledare och härlig stämning! Jag har fått med mig en massa bra idéer och metoder som verkligen kommer att bidra till mitt fortsatta experimenterande i vardagen."

Participants from Class in May - June 2020

"A really great course with fantastic coaches, great feedback and help along the way. Got a deeper understanding of all things Agile and we got a lot of useful tools to bring into our work after the course. Can't recommend it enough."

"The 4 week agile training was a great inspiration to execute agile coaching and how to help people over in a agile mindset. it gave a lot of new tools to just pick and use in my everyday. during the 4 weeks i was all so inspired to reflection and got to new aspects of the agile way of working - so a great thanks to the team of coaches and the all the participants who shared their experience."

"The number of participants in each class is purposely kept low to make sure that everyone has the chance to actively learn and share their experiences for the benefit of students and the Dandy team." /Matthew Hall, UK, Interim Manager

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