Build the Right Product - Product Ownership Toolbox

This training and coaching content gives you a hands-on, end-to-end, guide to modern Agile product development methods to discover and deliver agile products that amaze your customers. This is how you build the right thing and make really good business!


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This training gives you Product Super Powers!

  • These methods and ways of organizing have been collected, created and used by Mia Kolmodin during her +15 years of coaching and working with Agile product development and Lean UX.
  • A huge tool box of Agile product development methods in the full product development process to; define the problem, find solutions and deliver - all in an Agile way.
  • Real hands-on product development case studies where the methods are being used.
  • Templates, workshop descriptions, printed DIY guides for advanced methods, videos, infographics, games and more.
  • All methods are neatly connected to the actual product development process giving you a superb overview. Just pick one of the methods in the process where you are and get started to work with Agile customer centric product development with your team!
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Lots of downloadable content for you to use

Infographics Dandy People


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Canvases & Templates

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How the Training Looks and Works

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Visual & Fun 

All content and exercises are visual, fun and always to the point. No endless, boring lectures or slides!

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Discovery & Delivery Toolbox

You will learn to use great Agile product discovery and delivery tools in your own context building up your very own toolbox through the exercises and great downloads. 

accessible on all platforms

Accessible 24/7 

All content is available to you anytime you want, on mobile and desktop. The downloads are easy to print and use with your team during workshops and activities.

For Whom and What You will Get

Who should take this training?

Anyone interested in doing Agile product development with customer focus and fast feedback loops and getting the business value from it.

No matter if you are working with new product or services, are market driven with online sales, or if you handle legacy systems and need to replace parts of systems or re-think the full service - this is the training for you.

What you will learn

You will get valuable methods to involve the whole development team in the full product development process, as well as your customers. Enabling your team and organization to use the full brainpower and taking shared ownership of customer success.

With the content in this training you will be able to become an agile product Ninja that can lead the full process of discovering and delivering products in a structured, fun and fast way and lead your team to success!

Get access to this for a full year:

  • 16 Methods
  • 4 Real Business Cases
  • 22 Articles
  • 2 Videos
  • 4 Infographic Posters & Models

Lots of content that you can download and use in your own context as a toolbox for your Agile product development work.

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Full Training Content


  • The value of Product Management
  • The Customer Focus Stairs
  • Short Feedback Loops - Game
  • CASE: Agile Product Ownership and Lean UX in a legacy product to increase customer satisfaction
  • Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell
  • Interview: Cecilia Rumenius - Product Owner - What is in it for me to work Agile?
  • Check your learnings on Product Management

The Product Development Process

  • The Product Development Process - Building the Right Thing
  • The Process, Methods and how to Master Them - Poster Download

Define the problem

  • Impact Mapping
  • Customer Journey
  • Usability testing - Download
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • User Transaction Map 
  • CASE: Examples of Agile Product Development on a Legacy System to Save Lives
  • Interview: Robin Elmersson, Developer and Product Owner
  • Product Persona and Role
  • CASE: Using Personas to Drive Strategic Agile Product Management
  • On the Cover

Find a solution

  • Design Studio
  • Story Boarding

Build the Solution

  • Slicing to Find Value - Cheat Sheet
  • Strategic and Tactical Release Planning
  • Cynefin Context Cards
  • Interview: How iZettle uses the Cynefin Context Cards
  • Cost of Delay and WSJF
  • The Kano Model
  • User Story Mapping
  • The User Story Mapping - Pocket Guide
  • Check your learnings on The Product Development Process

The Agile Product Organization and Governance

  • Product Organization: What it is and Why it Matters
  • How to Become a Product-Led Organization
  • 5 Common Product Management Mistakes That Sabotage Alignment
  • Agile Product Governance
  • The Thunderdome - Enterprise Portfolio Roadmap Prioritization at iZettle
  • Alignment and Autonomy - OKRs, Company Bets and Team Mission
  • Check Your Learnings on The Agile Product Organization and Governance

Designing an Agile Product Organization

  • Agile Product Organizational Design Patterns - Poster
  • CASE & WORKSHOP: Discovering the new product organization
  • Mapping to Create a Product Organization
  • Design principles as a guiding star - Collection of Agile Principles
  • Business case: How Avanza radically decreased time-to-market while increasing employee engagement