Agile Team in a Nutshell - Online Training & Toolbox

This training will give you an introduction to Agile teams, as well as capabilities to start your own team by exploring values, ways of working, customer focus, continuous improvement, how to foster a growth mindset, how to grow a high-performing team and more. Use this training as your toolbox to facilitate Agile team events and start new teams.

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Start your Agile Team

Get the understanding of what a team is and kick start your team with the team canvas and workshop descriptions. With the team maturity model you can coach the team to become high-performing.

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Facilitate Agile Events

Get a toolbox with checklists, workshops and canvases for all the common Agile events to help your team plan and deliver work as well as continuously improve your way of working.

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Foster a Growth Mindset

With set of workshops decks of cards you can help foster a growth mindset with customer focus in your cross functional team.

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